I have some questions about my size. What should I do?

We recommend you check the size chart. When accessing the product sheet you will see, just on the right of the photos, the table with the available sizes. European sizing will appear by default, marked with the abbreviation EU.

If you select your size, for example, a 40 EU and then change the size system by clicking on the acronym US (for the American system) or UK (for the British system), you can see what your European 40 is equivalent to. We also offer you the option to verify how many centimeters is the size you selected, by clicking on the acronym CM.

If you still have doubts, we always recommend being guided by the size in centimeters to ensure correct measurement. It is also useful to compare with the size of a shoe that you already have, most include information inside by means of a label with the model's data.

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