I could not complete my purchase. What can I do?

If you have experienced any inconvenience when making the payment by credit card, it is probably because you have not entered the security code correctly. It may also be because your bank or credit card does not meet the security requirements of our payment platform. In this case, we recommend you contact your bank to confirm the online use of your credit cards.

To avoid incidents during the payment, we recommend avoiding that the personal data (name, last name, billing and shipping address), including accents or characters such as accented letters: ñ, ç, ä; or special letters: ß, Ø. Its use can lead to issues with the payment platform.

If despite taking all these points into account, the error persists, we recommend that you make the payment by selecting the PayPal option. This option works despite not having a PayPal account and making use of the guest session.