Moncler was established in the French alpine village of Monestier-de-Clermont—the brand's name is an abbreviated version—in 1952, manufacturing a simple range of tents, sleeping bags, and quilted jackets. Mountaineer Lionel Terray discovered the jackets’ potential to protect wearers against harsh climates and the brand transformed into a performance outfitter for skiers and mountain climbers. In 1968, Moncler debuted a streamlined, lightweight down jacket developed for the French alpine skiing team at the Winter Olympics in Grenoble. This coat became the precursor to Moncler’s signature model, which remains a top seller to this day. Now a global lifestyle brand with offerings suited for outdoor treks, city streets, and days at home, Moncler continues to evolve. An unwavering commitment to cutting-edge technology has ensured the heritage house’s continued relevance in the luxury athleisure and outdoor worlds.

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