Marcelo Burlon

Designer, DJ, globetrotter, and cultural impresario Marcelo Burlon launched his County of Milan line in 2012. Burlon’s ethos: Think Local, Act Global. Paying homage to his native Patagonia and the club culture of the ‘90s, the Argentinian-born Milan-based designer re-imagines the possibilities of streetwear, music, and brand direction. What started with a line of printed T-shirts has since exploded into a brand closely linked to Burlon’s techno and club roots, encompassing high-octane streetwear, eclectic accessories, and tech accoutrements. County of Milan relies on the subversive iconography of the counterculture to relay its message of exuberance and freedom. Looking to its Italian home base for manufacturing and heavily tapping into of-the-moment trends, County of Milan seamlessly blends fine craftsmanship with the creative, distorted, and sometimes maximalist graphics that have become the brand’s calling card.

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